Crazy Angel Spray Tans


A Tan to Fall in Love With!

Tan to perfection with the Crazy Angel professional tanning products. This range is heaven sent to give you an eternal tan! With options for a subtle golden sun kissed glow, right up to a darker all over healthy tan.



Crazy Angel Spray Tan at Xtreem Hair Design

At Xtreem Hair Design we spray tan using ‘Crazy Angel’ which has come in the top 10 with London Beauty. We tested a few brands first and Crazy Angel come out the best for:

  • The most natural looking
  • Nice smelling
  • Best coverage
  • Longest lasting

We have a separate room in the back of the shop with a booth and a high tech machine to give you the best tan in an instant. We offer fresh towels, wipes, oil free moisturiser and any other little comforts to make it as pleasant as possible for you.

Our Crazy Angel tans are just £ 10.

Tan before and after